Whistle-blower audio: Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband cut business deals in Senate Dining Room

Matthew Boyle The Daily Caller 10/18/2012

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband used the U.S. Senate Dining Room to cut business deals selling tax credits tied to stimulus money, a whistle-blowing executive inside his company alleged on an audio recording exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller.

“The thing that irritated me about this was he [McCaskill’s […]

Democrats reduce women to 'lady parts'

From the link http://barackobama.tumblr.com/post/32683015127/vennstiel-because-they-kinda-do-really.


“Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It…Because they kinda do.”

Ann Althouse Althouse 10/2/2012

Something that was on the Obama campaign website and, when widely noticed, taken down. Imagine if the sexes were reversed: Vote like your manhood depends on it… because it kinda does.

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Soros-funded PAC started Akin flap; GOP saw chance to oust ‘Tea Party types’

Cliff Kincaid WorldTribune.com 9/4/2012

The controversy over Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin’s abortion comments was started by a George Soros-funded Democratic Party Super-PAC and the “bait” was taken by Republican Party officials who wanted him out of the race for other reasons, says John Putnam, Missouri state coordinator for the national Tea Party Patriots […]

MEP Daniel Hannan’s interview with Neil Cavuto at the Republican National Convention

Daniel Hannan is SHOCKED we are discussing social issues with our debt approaching 16 trillion

The Right Scoop 8/30/2012

Daniel Hannan sat down with Neil Cavuto earlier today and said the it’s amazing that we are discussing anything else other than the economy and our 16 trillion in debt. He says it’s a number so […]

The Exact Opposite of Truth

Media coverage scarcely resembles the actual GOP convention.

Robert Stacy McCain The American Spectator 8/28/2012

TAMPA, Florida — The Republican Party has spared no expense to accommodate the hundreds of journalists who have come here to write dishonest stories aimed at preventing the GOP from winning this year’s election.

If you’ve been following major media […]

Define Respect

A. F. Branco Legal Insurrection 8/22/2012

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I am calling on Barack Hussein Milhous Obama to withdraw his offer to William Jefferson Bill ‘B.J.’ Clinton […]