End the Light Bulb Madness


As Glenn Reynolds would say… SAVE THE EDISON LIGHT BULB!  FASTER, PLEASE! (via The Red Dog Report)

On Thursday, Republican Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming introduced legislation to reverse a 2007 ban on incandescent light bulbs that is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2012.

The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act (BULB) is intended to repeal the amendment that was attached to a comprehensive energy bill signed by President George W. Bush in 2007.   The ban on incandescent light bulbs was intended to save energy and limit pollution.

Now, Enzi and other lawmakers are attacking the ban as a measure that limits choices for Americans.  “I think it’s fine if someone wants to fill their home or business with the light from the new bulbs,” said Enzi in a statement.

I also think it is fine if someone wants to buy an old-fashioned bulb because it works better for them,” he added.  “If left alone, the best bulb will win its rightful standing in the marketplace.  Government doesn’t need to be in the business of telling people what light bulb they have to use.”

RedDog rightly notes:

Let me see if I have this right… The government gives you a choice when it comes to ending the life of a child, But not when it comes to deciding what type of light bulb you use?

As trivial as this may sound, many people — including yours truly — are now hoarding the Edison Light Bulb before it vanishes into the dustheap of history.  Call your Senator and stop the Global Warming Hoax Madness from gaining any more traction in the way the Government rules our lives.

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At CAJ, we feel vindicated by this bill. The GayPatriot isn’t alone when it comes to hoarding incandescent bulbs. If this BULB law isn’t reversed, one of us here will be earning a fortune in a few years selling Edisons out of the kitchen door because incandescent bulbs will no longer be available for purchase in stores after December 2011.

BTW, the traditional bulbs cost pennies compared to the new, costly, legislated bulbs, which has nothing at all to do with the environment. An author recently interviewed by Judge Andrew Napolitano brought that to our attention.

27 Senators support repealing BULB.

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