FBI Head Accuses Obama ATF Nominee of Being Soft of Gangs

Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Magazine

This is a very troubling allegation, because as has been documented, much of the gun violence in the country is really gang violence. And the urban Democratic Party has close links to gang leaders.

Obama has nominated B. Todd Jones, the former US attorney in Minnesota, to head the ATF, a controversial appointment for a controversial agency at a controversial time. A political nominee at the ATF is liable to ignore the real problem of gang violence and instead begin using the ATF as a political tool for going after the arms industry and legal gun owners.

Except that it appears that B. Todd Jones was already turning a blind eye to gang violence. This charge is made by none other than the former director of the Minneapolis FBI office, Donald E. Oswald.

Oswald is no Republican looking to kneecap Obama. He’s a Democrat and an Obama supporter alerting senators to Jones’ corruption and incompetence. (via Instapundit)…

The article continues at FrontPage Magazine.

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