Governor Christie may say ‘No thanks’ to $268M U.S. education aid


When Governor Chris Christie says he is serious about reforming the education and financial situation in New Jersey he means it. And he won’t let the federal government stand in his way either.

If the House of Representatives passes the $26 billion package today, it will grant the state of New Jersey $268 million in “education aid.” In reality, it is a slush fund to the teacher’s union, the NJEA. But Governor Christie’s office stated that the governor is not willing to accept the fund, especially with the strings attached.

Governor Christie’s spokesman Michael Drewniak said:

“It would be prudent in not committing entirely to the idea of taking this money unless we know … what the impact is and the potential unintended consequences,” Drewniak said.

Of course, this put the NJEA and democrats in a tizzy.

Steve Wollmer, a spokesman for the New Jersey Education Association said:

“Is the governor saying he’d rather see teachers on the unemployment line rather than in front of their classrooms?”… “The governor has some decisions to make.”

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