‘Happy days are here again!’

CAJ note: We watched election returns with Glenn Beck last night on Insider Extreme and Pat Gray must have sung twenty different versions of “Happy Days Are Here Again!” every time Congressman Alan Grayson’s defeat was mentioned.

We strongly urge you to watch the video!


Inspired silliness from Glenn Beck and crew to cleanse the mind and palate after a tumultuous, exhilarating, sporadically heart-achey 48 hours. Ace confessed earlier to being a little — emphasis on little — disappointed in the results. Me too, partly because losing to Reid is crushing under any circumstances, partly because the red wave actually didn’t reach many blue districts, and partly because the last-minute generic ballot polls from Rasmussen and, especially, Gallup had me thinking that we might see something truly apocalyptic last night, possibly on the order of 100 seats. That was my mistake: We’d been warned repeatedly this year that Gallup’s generic ballot polling can be wildly bouncy, and Nate Silver noted this morning that Rasmussen’s polling did in fact have a GOP “house effect” in many races this year. Should have been more skeptical. As it is, retaking the House and topping 1994 with a 60+ pick-up is a nice “consolation prize,” no? As I said last week, no Democratic president will ever again pursue an ambitious liberal agenda, especially in his first term, without considering the electoral consequences very, very carefully.

And like the man here says, Alan Grayson lost. By 18 points! Worth singing about. [Go to TheRightScoop to watch the video!]

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