Here’s What Hillary Clinton Said When Asked About Edward Snowden at a University Event

Oliver Darcy
The Blaze

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested Wednesday at the University of Connecticut that Edward Snowden helped terrorists by leaking classified NSA documents on secret government surveillance programs to the public.

“I think turning over a lot of that material, intentionally or unintentionally, because of the way it can be drained, gave all kinds of information, not only to big countries, but to networks and terrorist groups and the like,” she said.

“When he emerged and when he absconded with all that material, I was puzzled because we have all these protections for whistle-blowers. If he were concerned and wanted to be part of the American debate, he could have been,” she said. “But it struck me as—I just have to be honest with you—as sort of odd that he would flee to China, because Hong Kong is controlled by China, and that he would then go to Russia—two countries with which we have very difficult cyberrelationships, to put it mildly.”

Snowden was charged by federal prosecutors last June with three felonies in connection with his leaks of classified information about secret government surveillance programs to the public.

At the event, Clinton also attempted to justify the NSA programs unveiled by Snowden…



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It gotten harder and harder for the administration to find someone to talk to.  Hillary, Eric and even Michelle have had trouble getting an audience lately…

Hillary wonders why Snowden didn’t call anyone she knows before handing the Crown Jewels to Putin. “I don’t understand why he couldn’t have been part of the debate here at home”.

Because maybe there is no debate; just the pretense of one. And it’s taking its toll: after years of being at the center of attention, people connected with the administration are suddenly finding they are getting the cold shoulder.

Are we seeing a trend? Maybe…

…Stopping the slide in American credibility starts by telling the truth. It starts by believing in something, not merely pretending to believe in something, but actually holding to something sincerely…


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