How Many Businesses Have Announced Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won A Second Term?

Mike Opelka
The Blaze

Do elections have consequences? If you have been paying attention to the financial markets, you might think so. Wall Street has had two horrible days since President Obama won a second term.

However, stock prices are not the only thing taking a hit. It appears that the job market is also suffering. In the last 48 hours, the following major corporations have announced layoffs in America (links take you to news stories about the layoffs – with details from the companies)…

…A layoff is tough enough for employees to deal with, imagine hearing the crushing news that your office is shutting down just before Thanksgiving and Christmas…  Here are some of the business closings that were announced in just the past two days:

To see the entire list of companies that announced layoffs since the election, visit the Daily Job Cuts page.


Read the entire list of companies at The Blaze. There’s also a video from yesterday’s live BlazeCast at the link.

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After Obama Victory – Ohio Businessman Reads Prayer to Staff Then Lays Off 156 Employees

…For the chairman and chief executive of Murray Energy, an Ohio-based coal company, the reelection of President Obama was no cause for celebration. It was a time for prayer – and layoffs.

Robert E. Murray read a prayer to a group of company staff members on the day after the election, lamenting the direction of the country and asking: “Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build.”…

Former Harry Reid advisor: Murray Energy CEO’s layoff prayer ‘grotesque’

Among those companies announcing layoffs this week was Ohio-based coal company Murray Energy, whose CEO Robert E. Murray gathered his staff for a prayer Wednesday before announcing more than 150 job cuts. Twitchy earlier reported on the tantrum thrown by liberals over news of mass layoffs this week, which they characterized as vile, petty, un-American and done “not for any legitimate reason” other than “revenge.”…


Update: IT BEGINS: Companies start layoffs before Obamacare hits next year.

This is exactly why it was always unthinkable that Democrats would have a party advantage of (D+7) this year:  it seemed impossible that as many people would turn out for Democrats in 2012 as they did in 2008 when that would mean making Obamacare permanent and forcing companies to layoff millions of workers…

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