Issa Appears On ABC This Week with Effective Host Jake Tapper

Mary Chastain
Big Government
24 Jun 2012

ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper once again proves why he should be the permanent host on ABC’s This Week. Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa sat down with Mr. Tapper for an interview about Operation Fast & Furious. It was a great interview, and Mr. Tapper allowed Chairman Issa to answer the questions fully without interruptions.

Chairman Issa revealed he was sending a letter to President Obama explaining why the exercise of executive privilege is wrong in this case. Executive privilege cannot be invoked to cover up a crime. It has been shown over and over again that many Department of Justice officials have lied to Congress. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and 300+ Mexicans are dead. As Chairman Issa pointed out, the essential questions are, “Did you know, when did you know, what did you know?”

The article continues at Big Government.

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…Obama was asked this question by Univision’s Jorge Ramos on March 22, 2011. “I did not authorize it, Eric Holder the Attorney General did not authorize. He has been very clear that our policy is to put gunrunners in jail, so what he’s done is to assign an IG, an Inspector General to investigate exactly what happened here,” said Obama. Ramos interrupts Dear Leader at that point and asks, “Who authorized it?” Obama’s answer, “Well, we don’t have all the facts, that’s why the IG is in business….this is a pretty big government, the United State government, I’ve got a lot of moving parts.”

I guess the government is too big to know who inside it would concoct a program to sell 2000 of the most dangerous handheld weapons on the planet to known Mexican drug dealers, kidnappers, and murderers…

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