Judge Napolitano Believes ‘the President Is Dangerously Close to Totalitarianism’

Eric Odom
Liberty News Network

Another must-see video floating around today after Judge Napolitano told Neil Cavuto that he thinks “the President Is Dangerously Close to Totalitarianism.” Following the video is a fitting image that was posted to one of our associated Facebook pages.

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Related: An article written by Judge Napolitano, When it comes to the Constitution, the Obama administration can’t lay a glove on the Supreme Court

Earlier this week, President Obama took a cheap shot at the Supreme Court by suggesting that because its members are “unelected” they are somehow without authority to invalidate unconstitutional legislation. This is hardly a sentiment that should come from anyone sworn to uphold the Constitution, much less a public servant who is a lawyer, much less a person who once taught constitutional law at one of the nation’s best law schools.

The whole purpose of a life-tenured, unelected, independent judiciary is to be anti-democratic; to preserve life, liberty, and property from the tyranny of the majority. Without such a judiciary, nothing but brute force would protect us from a Congress that recognized no limits on its authority…

…The Court is his equal, as a branch of government. But since 1803, the Court is superior to the president on having the final say as to what the laws and what the Constitution mean; and the president knows that…

Update:  Editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez illustrates The Commerce Claws of ObamaCare.

Update 2Former Obama Student: Obama’s Ignorance of Constitution Embarrassing at Breitbart.

Update 3Laurence Tribe says Obama “didn’t say what he meant” about the Supreme Court and needs to “clarify.” and, from Breitbart, Is Obama Trying to Pressure Kennedy Into Changing His Vote? And this: Carney: Obama Attacking SCOTUS ‘The Reverse Of Intimidation’

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