Leaked Lib Megadonor Doc: 'Fundamentally Change Our Current Political System'

Mike Ciandella
Business and Media Institute

…Towards the end of the document is a list of 172 liberal groups that the Democracy Alliance encouraged its supporters to donate to, entitled “Progressive Infrastructure Map Spring 2014.” A footnote on this list states that “[O]ver the last nine years, many of the organizations previously recommended for support by the Democracy Alliance have played instrumental roles in building a stronger, more integrated progressive infrastructure.” These 172 groups cover a wide range of left-wing issues such as gun control, LGBT activism, pro-choice activism and climate change alarmism.

Each of the 21 highlighted organization profiles included a rating of how diverse the organization was when it came to race, gender, and LGBTQ staff. According to the description of the briefing, “a well-balanced set of recommendations and Partner support for organizations that reflect diversity will contribute to our vision of a more progressive America.”

Some of these groups have far-reaching influence, including America Votes which claims to coordinate “the engagement and issue advocacy of its more than 400 state and national partners.”

The media are quick to criticize right wing donors, particularly Charles and David Koch, but they rarely report on the vast network of liberal donors. The Democracy Alliance even referenced the Koch brothers, with no apparent hint at irony. After talking about the “pronounced financial advantage” of conservatives, the briefing book assured liberals that “[w]hat progressives have is a strong infrastructure – built up and supported by Democracy Alliance (DA) Partners and other allied funders – that is innovative, collaborative, and deeply invested in mobilizing the key constituencies that will constitute the new American majority.”…



The complete article is at MRC.org


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…Why do all these exceedingly well-off people keep trying to convince us we’ll see them at the dollar store?

It’s all part of the increasingly delusional myth Democrats tell themselves that they are the tribunes of the middle class. In fact, their party is a strange two-headed beast — picture a Cerberus featuring the faces of Barbra Streisand and Lois Lerner.

The Dems are a coalition of ultra-rich cultural-elite donors on the one hand and government employees and their clients on the other. In 2012, President Obama carried those earning under $50,000 by a wide margin. But Romney easily bested him among those over that threshold.

Ever wonder why the Democrats seem to want to keep people poor?

But there’s another reason Democrats can’t talk about their wealth. It’s because they can’t say, “I made it big. Follow me and you can, too.”

Democrats earn their money in ways that aren’t available to most Americans…



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