Leftist organizers are using Ferguson to rehearse the Big Ugly

Lee Cary
American Thinker

…The American Welfare State is unsustainable — destined for significant downsizing by cold, impassionate, apolitical Arithmetic.

All except the most hardcore leftist pols inside the Beltway know this to be true, but it remains mostly unspoken.

The first line of defense for those who would sustain the life of the Welfare State is to reduce expenditures for the Warfare State. That battle is yet to be fully engaged, but is already underway in D.C. skirmishes.

The goal of leftist pols will be to negotiate big cuts to the Warfare State in exchange for small cuts in Welfare.

In the meantime, leftist, community organizing groups — meaning those that openly define their guiding ideology with socialist/communist language (quoting Marx & Lenin, while avoiding any mention of Stalin) — have been using Ferguson to stretch their muscles, largely unused after the 2008 election of an ally in the White House. For them, the Ferguson protests have little to do with Michael Brown’s death, and more to do with anti-capitalist rants, punctuated by chants against police brutality against young, innocent, black men.

Their stage setting is Brown’s death — the play is about anti-capitalism…



The complete article is at American Thinker. Also at the site, Feeling the full force of Cloward and Piven.



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