Leftist organizers are using Ferguson to rehearse the Big Ugly

Lee Cary American Thinker 12/1/2014

…The American Welfare State is unsustainable — destined for significant downsizing by cold, impassionate, apolitical Arithmetic.

All except the most hardcore leftist pols inside the Beltway know this to be true, but it remains mostly unspoken.

The first line of defense for those who would sustain the life of the […]

Eric Holder’s kickbacks for community organizers

Jazz Shaw Hot Air 12/7/2013

The government has quite the tidy little deal going in terms of getting money out of large banking interests lately. The latest example was the $13B dollar “settlement” reached with JP Morgan, which certainly must have taught them a thing or two. But some observers have been digging into the […]

Piven Says ‘Livelihood’ Should not Depend on Working: Not ‘Appropriate’

Better to be ‘Active’ in ‘Community’

Benny Johnson The Blaze 6/6/2012

According To Frances Fox Piven:

Self-service industry is bad because it kills jobs Wonders why people have to work for a livelihood: not “appropriate” Low-income jobs are “wage slavery” Laments jobs at Walmart Being a “participant in their community” is a good alternative to […]