Mitt wonders how a young American could vote for a Democrat

B. Daniel Blatt
Gay Patriot

It’s the deficit spending.

When I first heard that Mitt Romney had made this comment, I thought he was referencing the trouble young people have had finding jobs in this Obama economy, but then I took a listen. Interesting how he makes the comment, hesitates, then explains that young people should be concerned about the debt accumulated by this president and his party to pay for benefits to his generation, debt on which they’ll have to pay interest.

In 2012, many young people backed Obama not because of the particular policies he espoused, but because of the image he projected. Now that they’ve seen that his record in office has burdened their generation more than any other, perhaps they’ll have a change of heart this fall.

One can only hope for such a change.

Watch the video of Romney’s statment, filmed at the University of Chicago.

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