MSM fully deserves this smackdown

Elizabeth Scalia
The Anchoress

If, like me, you have become convinced that Barack Obama could eat the heart of a slaughtered kitten from the skull of a beaten puppy, while standing on the steps of the Capital, and all the mainstream press would do was wonder whether he should wash it down with white wine or a light beer, you will appreciate The Onion’s brutal evisceration of the mainstream media’s blind devotion to Obama, which they wholly have coming to them. They’ve earned this…

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Related: But not satire, sadly:  WaPo: Romney ‘Had the Worst Week’

Today, the Washington Postsays that Mitt Romney “had the worst week in Washington.” Why, pray tell, did Romney have a worse week than President Obama, whose Department of Justice was implicated in the Fast and Furious scandal and coverup, and was linked to far-left Media Matters in targeting conservative commentators; whose Secretary of Health and Human Services was ensnared in a Hatch Act violation; whose Secretary of State was embroiled in controversy about a cover-up over the murder of our ambassador to Libya; who was himself enmeshed in controversy about snubbing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to tweet pictures with pirates and hang with David Letterman; who spent the week bashing a YouTube filmmaker and cutting ads apologizing for the First Amendment to Pakistani Islamists; whose economic news was borderline disastrous?…

Read the whole thing.

Also, CS Monitor: Say, this admission on Benghazi terrorist attack might cause Obama a few problems

….Obama pushed Hosni Mubarak out of power in Egypt, and he bombed Qaddafi out of power in Libya.  At the time, Obama hailed the Arab Spring movements as harbingers of democracy and justified his intervention in Libya by claiming that the security of its inhabitants was threatened by Qaddafi (which it certainly was).  Have these interventions improved matters?  More to the point, have they improved US standing and security, and the standing and security of our allies?  Not at all; even Obama suggested that Egypt was no longer an ally of the US under its new leadership, causing NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel to openly question why we got involved in the Arab Spring at all.

The cover story offered by the White House shows just how badly they miscalculated on the Arab Spring, and the inevitable seizure of power by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the rise of AQ in eastern Libya, two utterly predictable consequences of Obama’s interventions.  It also shows that the Obama administration, from the top down, understood just how bad this story was — and either lied to themselves, lied to us, or a bit of both in order to avoid the consequences of it.  That might be the most damaging revelation of all.

Update: The truth behind the ‘Khalidi video’ and why it’s not for sale at the Los Angeles Times, the paper that holds the video:

…In what will doubtless be a vain attempt to quell the bleating from the political fringe, I offer here a review of the true history of the “Khalidi tape,” why dreams of its transformational import are overblown and why the political noise machine should be thanking The Times, rather than vilifying it…

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