‘New Ideas for a New World’

IMF Conference on Post-Crisis Policy Making

via Gulag Bound

…Let’s see what the IMF and World Bank “communitarian” elitists are up to.

In so doing, we find that before the Bretton Woods affair, which is to focus on new “solutions,” there was a similar IMF meeting, focused on the problems. Called “New Ideas for a New World,” it was centered upon “Post-Crisis Policy Making” and occurred March 7-14. That gave some of them a lot of time to communicate in quiet (the traditional word for that is “conspiracy”) when they weren’t making videos.

Then, we find Soros’ April 8-11 conference ends just as the IMF and World Bank take up their April 11-17 Spring Meetings…

Here is a collection of pitches for “Ideas for a New World.” Hey, they left out the last word, “Order.” Could it be that some of them know their version of order requires great disorder, first and foremost, the crises then not to be wasted? They also left out the word “Brave,” before “New World.” Maybe that’s because some of them like Huxley, have qualms.

The vid puts their dexterous foot forward about that March 2011 conference, while their sinister foot is remains to fall. Oh look. See all the globalist neo-Marxists…

So who are these dudes, getting together and yukking it up? (Well, three out of four globalist manipulators seem to approve, anyway.) And what is their gist?…

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