Obama: American citizenship “not a matter of blood or birth”

Ed Morrissey

Well, actually, it is a matter of birth, at least, in the sense of natural-born citizenship. The Fourteenth Amendment makes that all too clear, which is why the issue of “anchor babies” has been part of the immigration debate for the last several years. Those opposed to that reading of the Constitution might like what Barack Obama had to say about it in his widely-anticipated speech on immigration today (click here to watch)…

…Obama and his open-borders allies attempt to blur the difference between illegal and legal immigration. Almost no one of consequence opposes the latter. Everyone of the “faith” of Americanism should insist on enforcing the laws against the former. Unfortunately, this President — and many of those who have come before him — have proven rather faithless in this task.

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And while we’re on matters pertaining to the Constitution, HotAir.com has this, as well: How did four Supreme Court justices wind up arguing against the Constitution?

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