Obama Is Bypassing Congress Again. This Time It's Going to Cost You.

Nicolas Loris and Nicole Rusenko
The Foundry

Next week, the Obama administration is planning to unveil a climate action plan that it intends to implement without legislative approval. It’s a creative approach to governing, not unlike other executive actions President Obama has taken to bypass Congress.

When lawmakers refused to pass cap-and-trade legislation, Obama announced there was more than one way to skin the cat. Through climate plans, executive orders and regulatory action, he directed his agencies to find ways to curb the country’s carbon dioxide output and commit to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

Leading the charge, unsurprisingly, is the Environmental Protection Agency, which will release its carbon-dioxide regulations for existing power plants on Monday. The plan will drive up energy prices for American families and businesses without making a dent in global temperatures.

Our infographic explains what it means for jobs, incomes and the states hurt most…



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Related: EPA To Unilaterally Push Cap And Trade On Carbon Emissions

…The plan is being sold as a “flexible” one. By allowing states a menu of policy options to meet federal mandates, the standards will ostensibly meet the unique needs of each individual state. But the stark reality behind the proposal is that it will be a boon for states that have already imposed cap-and-trade systems — which are overwhelmingly Democratic states…



Double Whammy: EPA Carbon Regulations Will Mean Higher Electricity Costs, Fewer Jobs

…The report finds that the costs of reinventing America’s electricity generation mix will be enormous..

…Since the United States isn’t a homogenous mass, these potential rules will affect different areas of the country differently depending on what fuel sources they rely on and are able to tap for electricity generation. The report finds that the most damaging effects on jobs and the economy will be felt in much of the south and the Great Lakes region.

As for electricity prices, if you live in the South power region—much of the Southeast from Tennessee to Florida–expect to see the highest increases: $6.6 billion on average annually and $111.4 cumulatively from 2014-2030…


Did you know the EPA has an ‘Office of Homeland Security’?

Looks like about 10 people in Washington are aware of this top secret office run by EPA administrator Gina McCarthy. Now, we’re all going to find out exactly what this politically charged branch of the EPA does because the inspector general’s office is accusing them of impeding their investigations into corruption, computer security, and employee misconduct…

…Political appointees at the EPA have set up an office specifically designed to keep the IG’s office in the dark about wrongdoing by federal employees.. Incredible…


Update: How much has Obamanomics cost the average family?

…The administration was quick to blame the dismal numbers on the cold winter and blizzard conditions in the Midwest and Northeast. But he 2013 growth rate was 1.9 percent, and the rate has been less than 2 percent for more than a year. Under Reagan, the growth rate during the expansion was more than 4 percent…


Update 2: Report: EPA Could Be Relying on Fraudulent Data. Inspector general warns agency lacks process for uncovering fraud in pollution data

…“The EPA lacks a due diligence process for potential fraudulent environmental data,” the agency’s inspector general warned in a report released on Thursday. Existing processes for weeding out such data, the report said, are “out of date or unimplemented.” …



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