Obama Shuts Down 1.6M Acres to Oil Shale Development

Ben Shapiro
Big Government
9 Nov 2012

Just two days after President Obama’s re-election, the Obama Interior Department announced a plan to shut down 1.6 million acres of federal land to oil shale development. The land had originally been slated for drilling under President George W. Bush.

“By significantly reducing the acreage of wilderness potentially available for leasing, Secretary Salazar is laying out a creative, thoughtful and more responsible approach in managing some of our most precious resources,” said Bobby McEnaney, senior lands analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Related: Obama Readies ‘Tsunami’ of Regulations

…Industry lobbyists and environmental lawyers estimate that the EPA is currently sitting on about a dozen new major regulations, completed, and ready to roll out the door, but on hold until after the election. Nearly all of them will have a significant impact on the coal and oil industry…

Update: Obama-Jarrett Machine Prepares 2nd Term Agenda Blitzkrieg

…In an email Thursday to the Obama 2012 campaign’s massive list, Campaign Chairman Jim Messina indicated the organization’s role will shift from advocating Obama’s candidacy to using mass action to press for his policies…

Update 2: Obama Admin Unveils Plan To Close 1.6 Million Acres Of Federal Land Slated For Oil Shale Development… Part of his “all of the above” energy strategy…

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