Petraeus retains super Washington lawyer Barnett amid potential probes

Former CIA Director David Petraeus, who resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair, has retained powerful lawyer Robert Barnett of the Washington-based Williams & Connolly law firm.

Barnett specializes in crisis management and has represented some of the most powerful political figures in the country, including President Obama; former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush; Hillary Rodham Clinton; Sarah Palin and former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney.

Petraeus, a former four-star Army general, faces probes by Capitol Hill, the Justice Department and the CIA and now has the support of Barnett’s 250-member firm, as reported first by Politico.

He resigned Nov. 9 after admitting to an affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.

Politico also said the 60-year-old Petraeus has no plans for a book and that he has talked with Barnett over the years.

Broadwell and her husband reportedly returned Sunday evening to their home in suburban Charlotte, N.C.

The FBI searched the home Nov. 12 with Broadwell’s consent and found classified documents. A computer and boxes of evidence were reportedly seized.

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Update:  The Ulsterman claims to have a new Washington contact, Republican Insider:  REPUBLICAN INSIDER: “Petraeus Gave Us An Opportunity – Now We Need All Of Your Help”

The general opened up the…the “can of worms” this morning.  We now have a four star general and CIA Director letting lawmakers know that there was serious alterations to the CIA summary of the Benghazi attack.  All references to it being a terrorist attack were…they were removed from the original CIA document.  Now I am left asking where is that original document.  If that was provided by the general, and it’s being reviewed by the committee, then that committee has no choice but to go right back to the White House and ask…it’s the two questions everybody is already asking right now.  I’ve been hearing it all morning and afternoon now.  WHY was it changed?  WHO changed it?…

…I don’t have all the specifics of exactly what went on in the hearing.  I can tell you the place is buzzing.  I can tell you there are staffers…King’s office…they are really getting pretty fired up on this.  They needed Petraeus to give them something and apparently that’s what the general did…

…you can’t get your hopes up.  These people…it’s not that they don’t care…(inaudible)…bad people.  It’s just how it works.  If someone gets spooked, or a deal can be made, that’s what happens.  I don’t like it, but I have to work in reality and not how I wish things were.  You get that?…

…If people want to possibly change the outcome…or the discussion…they have to use this new media to do it.  You have to understand that the Obama White House has hundreds of people…all they do is post and comment and try to push their version.  They…what it is…it’s a whole program to either direct the news coverage, or give media the excuse that they are just reporting on…or reflecting the public opinion.  So what we need to do…(inaudible)…of what I already talked about.  We need to get ahead of this new media thing…all of us.  Republicans.  Conservatives…whatever.  Congressman Paul talked about it the other day…he was right about that.  100%.  So everyone needs to go out there and post their comments.  Make the media know we are more…ummm…we are paying attention now…

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Also, Jill Kelley tried to trade on Petraeus’s name to broker billion-dollar deal

Jill Kelley’s attempt to climb the Tampa social ladder – the rungs of which included some high-ranking military officials – has come to an ignominious halt. Accounts of lavish parties at her bay front mansion have been replaced by reports of her family’s financial woes and other dirty laundry, and claims that she traded on her acquaintance with David Petraeus to try to further lucrative business dealings. Now, even her “Friends of MacDill” Air Force base access pass has been unceremoniously revoked…

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Update 2:  Is Petraeus Scandal an Obama Scandal? at New Zeal


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