Progressives resort to a new level of sleaze

Progressive PST Reaches a New Level of Sleaze

Verum Serum

This is almost unbelievable. Just when you thought Democratic dirty tricks had reached rock bottom, it turns out they’ve built a whole new level of dishonest sleaze beneath the basement:

Here’s the company website with this guy’s photo. Here are the clients who proudly employ his services…Go to Verum Serum to read the rest!

CAJ note: FYI, there’s absolutely no way to know whether the candidates listed know about Neal Rauhauser’s disgusting and inhuman behavior on Twitter. They may be very decent people, but they have hired a vile person to represent their campaigns.

VotingFemale has something to add: paid Twitter-trolls outed . Check out their comments about and links to the Google cache of TPT’s home page.

Update: At The Blaze, Did Democrats hire a Twitter-thug to smear the Tea Party?

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