Quote of the day: life on Mars

6 January 2014


“The climate change crowd has exercised enormous influence on policy. For decades, they have employed scare tactics to frighten us into pursuing policies that have hurt us. And what have we got. North American wind-chills that are the same as the surface temperature of Mars. A deep freeze that is paralyzing a third of the country. Polar ice caps that are growing rapidly. The domestic coal industry is being deliberately run out of town. A pipeline that won’t be built. The list goes on and on. Policy has been changed to suit climate activists, and we’re all paying a heavy price for it.

“But what really gets to me personally, is the smug contempt that skeptics receive from the elites. Remember the expression ‘the science is in’? That was what was thrown at you if you expressed any doubt about global warming. Ha! You are a Neanderthal. And then there was the expression ‘climate change denier’. ‘Denier!’ That’s a deliberate smear, linking skeptics to Holocaust deniers. Contemptible.”


~Stuart Varney
“Varney & Co”


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