Ranchers, farmers fear eco-terrorists after EPA releases private info

Perry Chiaramonte FoxNews.com 1/17/2014

The Environmental Protection Agency has told farmers and ranchers it is sorry for handing private information about them over to environmental groups, but agriculture advocates who fear attacks from eco-terrorists say it’s like closing the barn door after the horses escaped.

In response to Freedom of Information Requests, the federal agency […]

Quote of the day: life on Mars

6 January 2014


“The climate change crowd has exercised enormous influence on policy. For decades, they have employed scare tactics to frighten us into pursuing policies that have hurt us. And what have we got. North American wind-chills that are the same as the surface temperature of Mars. A deep freeze that is paralyzing […]

Al Gore takes aim at ‘unsustainable’ capitalism

* System blighted by short-termism

* Calls for end to quarterly company reporting

* Eyes loyalty-driven shares to counter short-termism

Sinead Cruise Reuters 2/16/2012

LONDON, Feb 16 (Reuters) – Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore wants to end the default practice of quarterly earnings guidance and explore issuing loyalty-driven securities as part of an overhaul […]

Quote of the day, the ‘Arguing with Idiots’ edition

3 December 2011

“When you boil down the debate on this project, I believe it comes down to a simple question for Americans: do they want secure, stable oil from a friendly neighbor in Canada or do they want to continue importing high priced conflict oil from unfriendly regions such as the Middle […]