Representative Harold Watson ‘Trey’ Gowdy III Grills Admiral Mullen on Why He Didn’t Interview Hillary Clinton, and What He Knows About Hillary Clinton’s Actions Before, During, and After Benghazi

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It’s just so corrupt.

The Fix was in from the start.

I’m afraid I can’t take generals and admirals seriously when they offer, supposedly, their candid beliefs about the advisability and usefulness of a war with Syria.

As we can see here, they just parrot what their boss wants them to say. And that’s all. There is no “candid opinion” from a general or an admiral.

The last question is about why Admiral Mullen gave Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Cheryl Mills a “heads up” that he believed Charlene Lamb would be a “weak” witness.

Mullen can’t quite explain why he did that. She’s a fact witness. Whether “weak” or “strong” — whatever that means — is immaterial.

He says something along the line that he wanted the Department “represented” as well as it possibly could be.

It’s very strange that an ostensibly neutral finder of fact conducting an inquiry into potential negligence offers advice to the State Department about who would put on the best show for State.

That starts at about 5:03.

As I got Rep. Gowdy’s name wrong like three times I’m just leaving it as a blank now, to do less damage. If you know his name, shout it out.

[Update JohnE.]: I changed it to his long-form birth name for supreme accuracy and greater truthiness.



Update: Adm. Mullen Gave Cheryl Mills a Heads Up on ‘Weak Witness’ Charlene Lamb



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