Republican Insider: ‘Out With the Old and In With the New’

The Ulsterman

A written message received from our Republican Insider indicates a significant shift within the Republican Party is now fully underway – a shift R.I. promised us months ago was coming…a shift symbolized by Senator Rand Paul’s dramatic filibuster yesterday of the Obama administration’s continued drone obsession. ”Out with the old – and in with the new.”

…Today I am sensing a shift on the Hill.  Even the Dems are noticing it.  The Republican Party is going through some growing pains right now, but what will be left is a much stronger party that is going to appeal to a lot more people across the country, and I’ve had more than a few Dems tell me they are already backing away from the Obama years because they know a voter backlash is coming.  They know that more people are going to start talking about what was really going on in that White House.  The question they are facing right now is if they will back away before 2014 or after 2014?  I don’t care either way because the way the Republican Party is already transforming itself, and let me make a great good news prediction for you right now, I am feeling very good about 2014.  We are looking to pick up another 8 to 12 seats in the House and up to three in the Senate. Not quite enough to take back the Senate, but enough to cripple Reid’s leadership which ends after 2014.  Yes, that’s another prediction.  Harry Reid’s leadership will be challenged and even if he hangs on, he will be damaged enough that his influence will be greatly reduced.  So that will also mean Barack Obama’s Lame Duck status will be secured as we then go from 2014 into 2016 with a leaner, meaner, and much more prepared Republican Party than what we saw in 2012.

If you go back and research political history, what we have right now in the GOP is very similar to what we had in 1977 where old ideas were new again.  Ronald Reagan was the one to push those ideas back into the light.  Make them popular with the American public again.  That is very similar to what is going on right now.  The fight will be a bit tougher due to an even more pro-liberal Mainstream Media, but yesterday you saw an example of another thing I’ve been saying the party must do a better job of and that is coordinating a new media response.  Senator Paul utilized social media as good as anyone has done in recent memory and the message bypassed the old media filter and went directly to the American people and those people embraced that message!  Let the old guard sit around a table with Barack Obama and pretend they are still relevant.  Senator Paul was LEADING, and isn’t that what so many Americans are really craving now?  Even liberals sense they have been without real leadership in this country for too long.

It’s out with the old and in with the new…

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Related: Senator Rand Paul wrote on his Facebook page:

I would like to thank everyone for their incredible support yesterday and today. Thank you so much for standing with me to protect the Constitution. In that fight, I will always stand with you.

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