Rory Reid Admits ObamaCare was Politically Motivated

Rory Reid: Healthcare reform could end up hurting Nevada

Bob Cusack
The Hill

Gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid (D) said Thursday that the new health reform law could hurt Nevada.

During a televised debate, Rory Reid, the son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said he does not support the legal challenges against the health overhaul. Yet, he does believe that President Obama’s signature achievement could negatively affect Nevada.

“I don’t deny, however,” Rory Reid said, “that Nevada needs to be vigilant on this issue. The law that was passed gives time for the new system to go into effect, but there is potential for it to put significant pressure on states because Medicaid rates could go up significantly.”

Rory Reid then made the case for his proposed Medicaid reforms.

The article continues at The Hill.

H/T GatewayPundit who asks, “An honest Democrat?”

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