Limbaugh: Tea Party-endorsed Candidate Adam Andrzejewski Is the “Scott Brown of Illinois”

“I admire Adam Andrzejewski because I see in him a young Ronald Reagan, my great friend, who helped free Poland from the tyranny of Communism and gave us a road map for economic success. Mr. Andrzejewski has a vision, and more importantly, a workable plan to bring economic growth to Illinois.”

–Lech Walesa
Former President, Poland
Founder, Solidarity Movement
Recipient, Nobel Peace Prize

by Jim Hoft

Wow! Rush Limbaugh just endorsed conservative and tea party candidate Adam Andrzejewski today on his radio show.

Adam is the true conservative in the Illinois gubernatorial race.

…Adam experienced a surge in the polls this past weekend and is quickly gaining momentum in the final sprint of the campaign for the Illinois primaries.

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