SEIU Renews Attack on Its $94 MILLION Creditor

Kyle Olson

You’ve got to give Enforcement Czar and SEIU boss Andy Stern credit: he’s got a major set of cojones.

Fresh off his health care reform victory, he’s renewing his attack on Bank of America, one of the banks SEIU and ACORN targeted during the foreclosure crisis and bank bailouts. Bank employees reportedly received a memo saying “that SEIU is ramping up a big attack on the banks again about derivatives,” according to sources.

What makes Stern’s attack particularly audacious is that, according to SEIU’s latest LM-2 financial report filed with the federal Department of Labor, the union currently has an outstanding loan of $94,578,779 from Bank of America. It has repaid a paltry $1,740,250.

In true SEIU (and ACORN) fashion, we’re willing to bet the union will be use its public besmirching of Bank of America to attempt renegotiate the terms of its loan, or better yet, have a bit of the massive debt waived.

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