Showtime: Evil or Stupid?

Bill Whittle
PJ Media

So many scandals in Obama’s years as President. So was he evil or was he just stupid? He portrays himself as ignorant or stupid for each of these. He finds the news from the media, not from his administration. But which is worse? What ever happened to the ‘Buck Stops Here’ motto? Find out more in this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.




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REPORT: White House trying to intimidate soldiers, officers, Pentagon officials into silence on Bergdahl truth (video)

Columnist Bill Robinson told Fox and Friends this morning that he received a call from a Pentagon official explaining to him that Bergdahl was more than a deserter, but a traitor and that many more soldiers died trying to find him than is being reported.

Not only that, but there’s allegedly an intimidation campaign coming from the White House to silence everyone from Bergdahl’s platoon-mates, military officers and Pentagon officials who were working back when Bergdahl defected.




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