GOP Memo on New START

John McCormack The Weekly Standard 12/23/2010

A Republican memo being circulated on Capitol Hill looks at the bright side of the New START agreement:

This is intended to be the final email on New START, and hopefully the final email from this desk for the year.

There will be great gnashing of teeth and rending […]

Hillary touted to replace Gates at Pentagon 8/17/2010

There is growing speculation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will replace Robert Gates at the Pentagon when he steps down sometime early next year.

“It would be a mistake to wait until January 2012 [to leave],” Gates told Foreign Policy magazine, explaining why he is targeting 2011 for his retirement. “This is […]

Sec. Gates to resign

Gates Going

The Foundry 8/16/2010

In the coming months, lots of people will be cranking up their computers and burning up the airwaves with commentary on the just-announced departure of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates sometime in 2011.

Evaluating his legacy as SECDEF when he ultimately leaves next year will be important for the […]

NYT: Secret Gates memo warns that U.S. has no strategy for dealing with a nuclear Iran

Instapundit APRIL 17, 2010

WELL, THAT’S A COMFORT: Secret Gates memo warns that U.S. has no strategy for dealing with a nuclear Iran. “Of course they didn’t prepare alternatives. How could they possibly fathom that diplomacy might fail?”

Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 11:49 pm

” ‘…Mr. Gates’s memo appears to reflect concerns […]

Gates Says Taliban Must Take Legitimate Afghan Role

Elisabeth Bumiller The New York Times January 22, 2010

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The United States recognizes that the Taliban are now part of the political fabric of Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here on Friday, but the group must be prepared to play a legitimate role before it can reconcile with the Afghan […]