The Corker Cave-In

Keith Koffler White House Dossier 4/15/2015

I keep reading today that the White House folded, caved, threw up the white flag, rolled over on its sword and died a humiliating death by accepting legislation by Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., giving Congress “a role” in the Iran negotiations.

In this case, that’s a bit of spin […]

Iran Nuke Head Admits to Hiding Info from IAEA

Intel agencies used IAEA reports to sabotage nuke program

Abraham Rabinovich The Washington Free Beacon 4/8/2014

The former head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization revealed that Iran concealed information from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) because it believed intelligence agencies were using the reports to sabotage its nuclear program.

Fereydoon Abbasi told the Iranian […]

Barack Obama bombs in Berlin: a weak, underwhelming address from a floundering president

Nile Gardiner The Telegraph [UK] 6/20/2013

…Barack Obama’s message on Wednesday was pure mush, another clichéd “citizens of the world” polemic with little substance. This was a speech big on platitudes and hopeless idealism, while containing much that was counter-productive for the world’s superpower. Ultimately it was little more than a laundry list of Obama’s […]

GOP: Finally Obama Agrees His Sequestration Idea Was A Bad One

Zip Weasel Zippers 2/16/2013

No kidding. The purpose was to force Republicans into making defense cuts. But when you see how it would devastate military preparedness, you can see how wrong-headed Obama is.

…As you may know, a series of deep, across-the-board military spending cuts known as ‘the sequester’ will go into effect in less […]

Hagel funded group pushing talks with al-Qaida

Obama nominee wants legitimacy for jihadists behind hostage crisis

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 1/17/2013

TEL AVIV – Secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel sits on the small board of a peace fund that finances an international “crisis management” group that long has petitioned the Algerian government to cease “excessive” military activities against al-Qaida-linked jihadists, WND has […]

Obama's woman in Tehran: Jarret in secret talks?

One of US president’s senior advisors is secretly making efforts to establish line of communication with Iran

Alex Fishman Ynet News 11/5/2012

A Chicago lawyer is the key player behind the secret talks between the US and Iran. Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. A close friend of Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett is assisting the US government […]