Challenging U.S. Census Policy of Counting Illegal Aliens When Apportioning Seats in Congress

Tom Fitton Big Government 1/28/2012

Are you aware that the U.S. Census Bureau counts illegal aliens when determining how many seats in Congress a state should receive? That means states with large illegal alien populations are now receiving a disproportionate amount of seats in Congress and therefore more power in establishing national policy.

Judicial Watch […]

Poll: More than half of Hispanics identify as conservative

Robert T. Garrett The Dallas Morning News 2/24/2010

AUSTIN – A bent to conservatism and family makes Hispanics a promising pool of votes for Republicans, but the party’s targeting of illegal immigrants has withered its attraction.

Regardless, Gov. Rick Perry has fared relatively well, perhaps because of his anti-Washington rhetoric and his careful immigration […]

Obama’s decline in the battleground states

Public Policy Polling 2/26/2010

In our national polling Barack Obama is running six points behind his 2008 performance right now. He beat John McCain by seven points and his approval rating is a net +1.

Our state by state polling though is finding that in states with a competitive 2010 race- defined as one where […]