Hacked emails: Saudi money financed Benghazi attack

Intel reportedly sent to Hillary by Clinton White House staffer

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 3/3/2015

TEL AVIV – An email reportedly sent to Hillary Clinton by former Clinton White House staffer Sidney Blumenthal quotes an intelligence source providing information that “wealthy Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia” funded the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. special […]

Benghazi: Politically motivated government censorship

Darrell Issa: E-mail shows White House contacted YouTube during Benghazi attack about Mohammed movie

Allahpundit Hot Air 5/22/2014

…yes, your leaders “asked” their friends in the tech industry to suppress an inconvenient bit of speech because it was making people overseas very, very angry…

…There’s no question that the video was on the White House’s […]

Did You Catch Obama’s Surprise Benghazi Revelation During Presidential Press Conference?

Jason Howerton The Blaze 8/9/2013

President Barack Obama revealed for the first time the existence of a sealed indictment in the Benghazi terror attack, a move that would mean legal trouble for anyone other than the commander-in-chief.

During a presidential press conference on Friday, Obama was asked why justice has been slow in the aftermath […]

Spain Arrests Two Terror Suspects Days Before Madrid Marathon

Patricia Laya Bloomberg 4/23/2013

Spanish police arrested two men they said may have ties to an al-Qaeda terrorist group in North Africa after one of them allegedly praised the recent Boston Marathon bombings.

The suspects, who were detained five days before the Madrid marathon event, are not believed to have possessed explosives or planned attacks […]

Hillary Clinton’s ‘hacked’ Benghazi emails sent to RT

RT [Russia Today] 3/19/2013

RT has received emails that are alleged to have been sent from a one-time White House aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Read the full release here.

A hacker using the alias “Guccifer” was credited last week with compromising the AOL email account of Sidney Blumenthal, a 64-year-old journalist […]

Reconsidering Michele Bachmann

John Hinderaker PowerLine 1/21/2013

The Washington Post reports today that al Qaeda’s successful attack on the Algerian natural gas plant has greatly boosted al Qaeda’s prestige in Africa. Along the way, the Post notes rather casually:

The assailants were well-trained and armed with what appear to have been weapons from the late Libyan leader Moammar […]