Documentary: Obama Admin ‘Warned by Everybody’ about Islamic State but ‘Did Almost Nothing’

The Washington Free Beacon 10/29/2014

On Tuesday evening, PBS’s Frontline aired the new documentary “The Rise of ISIS”, which detailed its investigation into the “miscalculations and mistakes behind the brutal rise of ISIS”.

The documentary included interviews with key Obama administration officials and experts.

Frontline’s Ken Pollak interviewed the Former American Ambassador to Iraq James […]

‘Frontline’ On MF Global’s Six Billion Dollar Bet

Tyler Durden Zero Hedge 5/24/2012

While the sur-realities of just what Corzine and the rest of the MF Global ‘traders’ did has been extensively discussed here and elsewhere, PBS’ Frontline provides the most succinct (and relatively in-depth) documentary on just what occurred from how the corrupt CEO lobbied regulators who had the power to stop […]

‘Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero’

9 September 2010

On 3 September 2002 the Public Broadcasting System aired a ‘Frontline’ program ‘Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero’:

It has been almost a year since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. For many Americans, those images called more into question than just their own physical safety. For many […]

The history of slavery in American, or another reason why reparations through redistribution is dishonest

The Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families PBS “Frontline” Researched and Written by Mario de Valdes y Cocom.

…According to Paul Heinegg, author of “Free People of Color in North Carolina,” this Thomas Johnson, a wealthy Maryland planter, was none other than the great grandson of Anthony Johnson, one of the earliest African Americans to […]