Did Gloria Allred smear Herman Cain to promote new trial court show?

emily Naked DC 11/9/2011

At this point, the Herman Cain sexual harassment circus has expanded too far beyond three ring capacity to adequately cover it without giving up my day job. Suffice it to say, having a sexual harassment allegation against Cain has basically become the new “reality show emotional meltdown” in that it guarantees […]

Report: Bialek Fired from NRA for False Accusations of Sexual Assault

Toro520 PatDollard.com 11/8/2011

One might be asking themselves why Ms. Bialek was fired from the National Restaurant Association. After all, being fired, quite unlike simply being laid off, is a serious issue with serious ramifications; since leaving the Restaurant Association, Ms. Bialek has been unable to maintain regular employment. So why was this woman let […]

Cain Accuser Launches Media Blitz, Says She Can Handle Scrutiny

“I don’t think we can have anyone in the White House who is unable to tell the truth.”

Zeke Miller Business Insider 11/7/2011

Sharon Bialek, the woman accusing Republican front-runner Herman Cain of what amounts to sexual assault, and her high-profile attorney, Gloria Allred, are launching a media tour hours after the allegations […]