Unbelievable! Baltimore Mayor Admits She Ordered Police to Give ‘Space For Those Who Wished to DESTROY’


In what is a pretty unbelievable admission, the Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted in a press conference that she gave instructions for police to protect protesters, including “those who wished to destroy,” and to give them some space…

…Now keep in mind that Baltimore told people that they needed to stay in a ball park because they couldn’t control the protesters. SO they illegally detained law-abiding citizens in order to “give space” to those wanted to criminally destroy Baltimore. Welcome to ObamaLand, everybody! Coming to a neighborhood near you!



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Related:  ‘Chaos queen’: Baltimore mayor and Oberlin grad happy to give ‘safe space’ to #FreddieGray rioters

Remember that story we posted last week on how Oberlin College offered up a “safe space” for feminists just in case invited speaker Christian Hoff Sommers said something scary when she addressed students on campus?

It turns out Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a graduate of Oberlin, which is where she must have gotten the bright idea to give rioters “who wished to destroy,” a safe space to do so…




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