Useful Idiots: Democrats provide IRS best defense money can buy

The Washington Free Beacon

Democrats who have received donations from the IRS employees’ union are going to bat for the agency during the investigation into its targeting of conservative groups.



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John Hinderaker:  …The fundamental, shocking fact that is emphasized in True the Vote’s brief is this: at the time of Lois Lerner’s hard drive crash in June 2011, the IRS was already under a legal duty to take steps to ensure that information was not lost, and had been under such a duty for nearly a year, at a minimum. . . . But, according to IRS representatives who have testified before Congressional committees, the IRS ignored the law…



Update:   Another federal judge tells IRS to explain itself on lost emails

IRS attorneys will be even busier than normal next week, because another federal judge has told them to show up in court July 11 to defend the federal tax agency.

They will have to explain to U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton why the IRS shouldn’t be required to let an outside expert evaluate whether emails on the computer hard drives of former IRS official Lois Lerner and six colleagues really are lost forever, as the agency recently told Congress…

A copy of True the Vote, Inc. v. Internal Revenue Service, et al is at the link,



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