Washington Post Tells America To Stop Talking About Michelle Obama’s…


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After a Republican Congressman called out Michelle Obama for her potentially contradictory campaign against childhood obesity in which she demands American families learn to “eat better” – the Washington Post charges both racism and sexism against the remark.

Wisconsin Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner was reportedly overheard complaining about First Lady Michelle Obama’s demands that American families and restaurants serve healthier foods with the following remark:

She lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.

Congressman Sensenbrenner quickly apologized for his words and promised to also send an apology to the First Lady – but stood his ground regarding concerns the Obama White House appears intent on telling Americans what they can and cannot eat. Both that stance, and his initial comments regarding Michelle Obama’s rather “ample” backside, has now drawn the ire of the Washington Post – a newspaper now intent on making the congressman’s words a sign of both sexism and racism being directed against the wife of the president. Here is but some of the rant Wapo is now attempting as a means to insulate the Obama White House from any and all criticism – with a strong nod to the Obama’s attempted “Home for the Holidays” propaganda campaign alluded to by Insider months ago:

Not only is this disrespect crude, it also proves yet again that you can’t go wrong disrespecting a black woman in the United States of America, even if she lives in the White House – and in some constituencies, especially if she lives in the White House. Sensenbrenner’s nasty rant made me sick and sad because it brings to the surface the ugly history of how black women are viewed in America, stereotyped and dehumanized, our bodies everyone’s business except our own…

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An important component of Michelle Obama’s healthy eating, let’s move initiative is decrying so called food deserts.These are densely populated urban areas parched of any food market oasis purveying nutritious food such as fresh produce, lean meats, grains and dairy. This forces the starving inhabitants to either travel far distances to purchase these products or make do by patronizing greasy spoon fast food restaurants or to subsist on overpriced alcoholic beverages and chips — the only foodstuffs proffered by small establishments owned by and operated by recent immigrants.

What Ms. Obama, presently enjoying a tax subsidized $4,000,000 vacation complete with tax subsidized corporate jet while attired in a dress without even sleeves costing more than a food stamp recipient’s annual food expenses, doesn’t mention are some of the causes of this human made desert. Understandably so, doing so would force her to confront some uncomfortable realities…

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