What a history lesson can do for an Occupier

Ed Morrissey

The irony here, of course, is that the history lesson of democracy gets delivered by a former refugee from the former Soviet Union, but the history lesson doesn’t just end with the USA.  One young man tried to pass an “Occupy Wall Street Journal” to two men observing the protests, and ended up gaining an education in history, politics, economics, and statecraft.  Give the young Occupier credit, as Joe Schoffstall says — he was at least willing to listen.  I’m not sure he was actually convinced, but he at least knew better than to keep arguing.

You might be tempted to stop after a couple of minutes, but stick to it all the way through to the end.  It shows what one man can do when he’s armed with the facts, as well as a little moral authority from having lived through a socialist nightmare.  His companion tells him at the end, “I’m very proud of you,” and I’d bet more than a few people here would be as well…


The article continues at HotAir.com with links to many photos like this:

Here’s a better question: why should I have to pay for you?. Photo: Ringospictures.com

CAJ note: A commenter on MRCTV writes:

My name is Vladimir Jaffe and you can find more “exposé” videos
on my YouTube’s pp000610 channel. It’s so sad that one still has to defend capitalism when the so-called socialism/communism so spectacularly failed in all the Former Soviet Bloc countries! In reality of course they have always been totalitarian regimes or dictatorships using fancy labels. This seems to be something that eludes most proponents of the “alternatives” to capitalism, the only system that has brought prosperity and improved the lot of billions of people!

We’ve included the link to his YouTube page.

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