Why were Paul and Cruz the only Republican senators who voted against the budget?

Matt Purple

Seriously, why were they? It’s not like other Republicans weren’t wavering. Senator Bob Corker, widely regarded as one of the more moderate GOP senators, stalled the entire budget last week because it employs a cheap gimmick that allows lawmakers to spend nonexistent savings in the future. But in the end even Corker came around. Paul and Cruz stood alone.

Jonathan Bydlak has a rundown of the budget’s flimflammery, including the absurd usage of the Overseas Contingency fund—usually reserved for war spending—to get around sequester budget caps and further enrich the Pentagon. As Jonathan points out, House Republicans were actually forced to pull the budget from the floor after an amendment to strike the OCO spending looked like it might pass thanks to an alliance of GOP budget hawks and Democrats.

After years of posturing against the national debt, House Republicans have been reduced to a minority willing to manipulate the rules of the House in order to keep the money flowing. Magnificent…



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