19 states that have ‘religious freedom’ laws like Indiana’s that no one is boycotting

Hunter Schwarz
The Washington Post

Indiana has come under fire for a bill signed Thursday by Gov. Mike Pence (R) that would allow businesses to refuse service for religious reasons. The NCAA has voiced its concern ahead of Final Four in Indianapolis next week, there are calls to boycott the state, and Miley Cyrus has even weighed in, calling Pence a name that we can’t reprint on this family Web site in an Instagram post.

But Indiana is actually soon to be just one of 20 states with a version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures

…Forty percent of U.S. states have something similar to Indiana, as does the federal government…



The complete article, with video, is at The Washington Post.


Update: Journalist Interrupts and Peppers Him With Questions, but Gov. Mike Pence Refuses to Back Down on ‘Religious Freedom’ Law (video)

George Stephanopoulos didn’t waste any time when Indiana Gov. Mike Pence appeared on his show Sunday morning.

“Was it a mistake to sign this law?” Stephanopoulos asked before Pence could even finish saying hello…



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