Baltimore firefighters blast Obama’s ‘one fire’ lie; which of the 159 ARSONS was he talking about?

Michael Dorstewitz
BizPac Review

In an attempt to downplay the rioting that took place in Baltimore last week, President Obama claimed that TV news outlets repeatedly looped the same fire on news segments.

Union officials have just one question: Which fire was he talking about? Firefighters responded to 159 fires during Monday’s rioting…

…those “peaceful protesters” who “did it the right way” set 159 fires. Also 20 police officers injured and 235 arrests were made.

Those fires included 15 buildings and 144 vehicles set ablaze. The Sun reported:

Violence ruled Baltimore Monday night, after the funeral of Freddie Gray, with numerous fires breaking out around the city, several shootings were reported, and city schools and business closed. Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency, and will set up his department at an office in Baltimore.

Apparently, Obama doesn’t subscribe to the Sun…



The complete article, with an interactive graphic, is at BizPac Review.

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