Climategate Junk Scientist Michael Mann Awarded Half a Million in Stimulus Cash

Jim Hoft
January 14, 2010

Dr. Michael Mann co-authored the famous graph of temperature trends dubbed the “hockey stick graph.”

Mann was implicated in the global warming email and document conspiracy in 2009…

…Dr. Mann was implicated in the global warming email conspiracy. It was reported on several websites that classified emails and files prove that the junk scientists behind the global warming movement knowingly perpetrated a fraud on the global community. Mann’s name came up in several of the emails. The posted material, which includes e-mails allegedly sent by the CRU’s director Phil Jones to fellow climate researchers, including Michael Mann at Pennsylvania State University in University Park. Mann is under investigation at Penn State over this controversy.

Now we find out that this same dangerous junk scientist is receiving a half million dollars in Stimulus cash…

The article continues at GatewayPundit.

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