Connecticut State Union Layoffs: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t?

Dr. Susan Berry
Big Government

Call it hokus pokus or smoke and mirrors. The Norwich Bulletin reports that the leaders of Connecticut’s state employee unions (SEBAC) plan to meet on Monday to vote to change their bylaws in order to stave off Democratic and Working Families Party Governor Dannel Malloy’s threats of 4,300 layoffs and the halt of many government services. As was reported here several weeks ago, 57% of public sector union members rejected a concession package, which was to close a $1.6 billion hole in the state’s budget, where, currently, 80% rank and file is required for approval of concessions.

Amidst much fanfare focused on the special relationship between Connecticut’s public sector unions and their choice for governor, Mr. Malloy and union leaders agreed to the concession package, behind closed doors. Union leaders were embarrassed that the concession plan approved by the governor they worked to elect was rejected by a sufficient number of their members, suggesting that they were out of touch with their rank and file members. In June, however, Matt O’Connor, a spokesman for the coalition of union leaders, said some union members were operating under several misperceptions, including a belief that a rejection of the deal would lead to further negotiations.

Apparently, yesterday’s misperceptions are today’s realities.

The article continues, with video of Malloy, at Big Government.

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