Creators behind movie villain declare Romney is Bruce Wayne/Batman

Glenn Beck

As Batman-mania hits the world this week with the movie release of The Dark Knight Rises, leftists are quick to make the connection between the villain “Bane” and Romney’s Bain. Aren’t they clever? Too bad for them, the creators of the “Bane” character have squashed this idea. Stu and Pat discuss how the creators further killed the movie for the left during today’s 4th Hour.

Also at Glenn Beck, Priest issues strong invocation against socialism

…Glenn played audio of a Catholic priest issuing an incredible statement against socialism. While Fr. Andrew gave a traditional prayer to open his remarks at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention, he quickly changed his message to one with much more political and social undertones.

“This is an issue between democracy and socialism. Now when we talk about socialism that sounds politically incorrect but as a Catholic I earned a free pass to talk about socialism because others who had stood with us have died died at the hands of the socialists for the past two centuries.”…

Update: From the video’s YouTube page:

“The Church has rejected the totalitarian and atheistic ideologies associated in modem times with ‘communism’ or ‘socialism.'” – Catechism of the Catholic Church 2425

Update 2: Barack Obama’s Stealth Money Operation Inside Bain Capital

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