Do you realize how close you are to winning?

Glenn Beck

…“America’s tired.  I don’t know about you.  I’m exhausted.  I’m tired of arguing.  Man, I hate this.  I’m not Bill O’Reilly.  Bill O’Reilly, he loves the argument.  He loves to mix it up.  He goes on David Letterman and he loves it.  The more they hate him, the more he loves it.  I’m not that guy.”

Despite how tired Americans are and how it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel will never come, Glenn said that we’re just going through the cycles of a movement and one of those cycles is the feeling like you’ve failed.

“We’re there.  We are at the finish line.  We are truly at the finish line.  We’re winning,” Glenn said.

“Did you see what happened in Wisconsin?  There weren’t any ‑‑ while they’re saying the Tea Party is dead, really?  Is it?  Tell that to Governor Walker.  The Tea Party’s not dead.  Tell that to the people ‑‑ tell that to the people in Indiana.  Tell that to the people in Texas.  Tell that to the people in election after election after election.  We’re just not marching in the streets anymore.  We outorganized the left and the labor unions in progressive Wisconsin.  That is such an amazing fact.”

“You won, against the labor unions and the ACORN people.  The people who do this for a living.”

“We didn’t even know how it worked, and you just beat them.  Do you realize how close you are to winning?  We’re there.  We’re there.”

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