Dutch revoke blasphemy laws in favour of free speech

Winds of Jihad

At least the U.S. has the First Amendment and the second to enforce it. But when Obama came out against the ‘bitter clingers’ and said  “we’re working on it under the radar”, the alarm bells should have gone off left right and centre. It doesn’t take much to turn your world upside down:

Robert Spencer, “all it takes is five judges on the Supreme Court and the First Amendment can be effectively defanged.”
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The good news is that the Netherlands came out against this OIC-UN instigated speech criminalisation. Lets hope others follow:

A blow for the Enlightenment: Dutch revoke blasphemy laws in favour of free speech (Ottawa Citizen)

In these days of draconian political correctness, neurotic anti-hate speech laws and dictatorial human rights police, I have sometimes fretted that the western tradition of free speech is in jeopardy…

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Update: You can’t fix the problem if you can’t name it:

Soccer Jihad: linesman killed “by the ills that afflict society”

Geert Wilders: we don’t have a soccer problem; we have a problem with Moroccans…

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