Exec At NBC Parent Company Raises $1.2 Million For Obama


On the same day as Obama’s fundraisers, Barack Obama scolded Congress for not fixing the debt. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell invited Obama to Capitol Hill for an emergency meeting on the debt. Obama declined his offer and said: That was “not a conversation worth having.” Then Obama went on his merry way to TWO fundraisers in Philadelphia.

Washington Post reported via Big Journalism:

PHILADELPHIA — President Obama raised more than $1.2 million at two campaign fundraisers here Thursday night, the last events of his money-raising blitz in this early stage of the 2012 campaign.

Campaign officials said about 800 people, each giving at least $100, attended the first event, at a Hyatt hotel. Later in the evening, Comcast’s executive vice president, David L. Cohen, hosted about 120 people in his home for a dinner, each of the attendees giving at least $10,000 for Obama’s reelection campaign.

The article continues at ExposeTheMedia.com

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