Exposing CSCOPE: The controversial education program indoctrinating Texas students

Glenn Beck



For weeks, Glenn and TheBlaze have been brought listeners and viewers shocking stories of indoctrination that all share one common theme: CSCOPE. On Wednesday night’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn invited David Barton, Texas State Senator Dan Patrick and teachers Mary Bowen and Stan Hartzler.

TheBlaze’s Tiffany Gabbay and Jason Howerton, along with TheBlaze TV researchers, compiled and in-depth report on CSCOPE and its shocking curriculum that you can read HERE.

In the clip below, Mary Bowen and Stan Hartzler join David Barton on explaining exactly what Texas teachers experience with CSCOPE and what they have done to fight back.

At the end of the show, Glenn was joined by Dan Patrick who has been leading the charge against CSCOPE. Watch the interview in full below:



From this morning, They’re teaching WHAT in Texas schools?

Last night on TV Glenn exposed one of the more shocking aspects of progressive intrusion in American education. They have been quietly jamming through something called CSCOPE which, among other things, places emphasis on the greatness of Communism & Islam while referring to the Boston Tea Party as a ‘terrorist act’. How’d it get in and where’s will it appear next? Glenn spoke more about the controversial program on radio this morning.



Related: OK. But that’s just those cowboys in Texas, right? Let’s move on to more urbane Ivy League territory where education must be truly  first-rate:

Approximately 80 percent of NYC high school grads can’t read well enough for community college

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has built quite a legacy for himself cracking down on soda, salt and, just the other day, loud ear buds.

Nevertheless, as CBS New York reports, Bloomberg might want to spare a few minutes to focus on this shocking statistic: Almost 80 percent of all New York City high school graduates who want to enroll in the City University’s community college system must first relearn basic reading, writing and math.

All told, approximately 11,000 would-be students are required to take remedial courses each year.

The problem has gotten so bad and institutionalized that City University system officials have introduced a program called CUNY Start that provides inexpensive immersion classes for students who managed to graduate high school without mastering basic skills…

…While nearly 80 percent of students who graduate from New York Public Schools can’t read well enough to attend community college, they can at least frolic in all the unprotected sex they want without fretting over the natural consequences…

Read the whole thing.

Wait. What? What did they do for the first 12 years of their education?

Parents, please:  wake the hell up!

Update: Michelle Obama said it is “possible” to “create” a world in which children are “begging and pleading” for their parents to buy more fruits and vegetables. 

Yeah. Probably after a few months on the “Kim Jong Un Diet”…

Read also, Let’s starve! Kids forced to go hungry for hours during Michelle Obama media event

Update 2: via Instapundit:

HIGHER EDUCATION UPDATE: Students Required to Lobby for Nanny Statism. “George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf thinks he’s saving the world with his activism on behalf of numerous causes. He is now teaching (although that doesn’t really seem to be the right word) an undergrad course in which students will have to lobby in favor of the kinds of nanny-state intervention he likes.” The funny thing is, I got a press release from Banzhaf the other day, bragging about this. Here it is.


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