Gutfeld: Media 'Brutally Smeared' ObamaCare Protesters to Get Law Passed

The Five

This evening on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld said that ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber made the 2009 ObamaCare town hall protesters look like fortune tellers.

“Let’s remember – Gruber didn’t call them stupid. He called the people who fell for the bill stupid, which made the town hallers geniuses.”

Gutfeld noted that those protesters were called far worse back then – “an unruly mob out for blood.”

But now, it turns out that the mob knew ObamaCare was a scam.

“[They] were just trying to save us from ourselves,” he said.

Gutfeld charged the media with “brutally smearing” those people to get ObamaCare passed.

“Let’s call it what it is: bigotry.”

Gutfeld said the media mocked those people because they were old, but would have listened if they were young – like the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Now that the truth is out, what do we hear from the media?

“Silence, not of lambs but of liars, who deserve nothing less than to be tarred and feathered by every person who lost their health care or doctor, by every person who saw their rates rise, and every person who ended up with inferior health care for their special needs child,” he said.

Gutfeld concluded, “ObamaCare is what happens when a government deceives and when a cowardly media forfeits their role in exposing it.”



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June 13, 2012, Gruber interviews with Frontline and tells them that the Cadillac tax issue was addressed. Obama knew it was going to be a problem, and they all agreed to lie about it.



Ed Henry will be the next victim of an IRS audit.  Fox News Reporter Goes Head-to-Head With White House Press Secretary Over Gruber Comments  (video)

…Earnest responded… “The fact of the matter is the process associated with writing and passing and implementing the Affordable Care Act has been extraordinarily transparent.”…



Transparency?  “But, we have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Thanks, Obama! Penalty For Not Signing Up For ObamaCare Scam to More Than Triple

In a week where you discover Team Obama has nothing but contempt for you, it should warm your heart that they’re now going to gouge you even more if you didn’t sign up for this mess. Sorry, stupid Americans…


Update: FIFTH Questionable Video Of Jonathan Gruber Emerges

“The dirty secret in Massachusetts is the feds pay for our bill. In Massachusetts, we had a powerful senator you may know named Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy and smart people in Massachusetts basically have figured out a way to rip off the feds for about $400 million a year.”



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