Kathy Boudin, Columbia Professor: The Whole Story

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And it’s a very ugly story.

The Days of Rage scared off much of the mainstream support for the SDS, leaving only the most radical. In December of 1969, the SDS War Council was held in Flint, Michigan. Largely led by members of the Weather Underground, what came to be known as the Flint War Council meeting was the rhetorical stage for much of the bloodshed that was to come.Over three hundred people attended, including Kathy Boudin and future Obama neighbors Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who were both extremely active Weather Underground leaders. Decisions were made to ‘go underground’ and to launch an offensive against the United States. At one point, they discussed whether white babies were valid targets and Boudin gave a speech referring to mothers of white babies as ‘pig mothers.’

For the War Council event, the group hung posters of their heroes, including Lenin and Mao. They also put bullets on posters of people they hated and reviled, including Ronald Reagan and Sharon Tate. Tate was the pregnant actress who had been murdered by the Manson family. Bernadine Dorhn praised Charles Manson and his group’s horrific Tate-LaBianca murders to the attendees of the War Council: “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate’s stomach! Wild!”

Stranhan’s article includes a reference to “The Aristocracy of the Left.” Those are well-chosen words– these people are largely wealthy, which accounts for their ability to get early parole without renouncing their hateful, violent beliefs, and garner university positions without anyone bothering to note the names of the middle- and lower-class plebians they may have murdered in their quest for self-actualization…


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Related:   The Daily Beast’s Disgraceful Interview With Bill AyersThe article is an email that David Horowitz sent to the editor of The Daily Beast in response to their recent interview with Bill Ayers:

When you interview a shallow, murderous liar like Billy Ayers, you should assign someone who is at least familiar with the basic facts. The Weather Underground was created in 1969, not after the Townhouse explosion which took place in 1970. The Underground was created with a formal “Declaration of War” against “Amerikka.” By their own account at the time (not in retrospect of course) Ayers and his friends were intending to start a race war in America, which is why they idolized Charles Manson. Their first political act was to destroy SDS (which they called “Offing the pig”). Not surprisingly, they had virtually no support in the anti-war left. Far from being innocent of attempting to kill others (you actually let Ayers imply that he had nothing to do with his friend Kathy Boudin’s plan to kill teenagers at Fort Dix), Ayers and his wife incited people to conduct a “war” against their own country, and famously urged others to “kill your parents.” They are still being investigated for the cold case murder of a policeman in Los Angeles who was killed by a Weatherman bomb…


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Update: The Gory Details About Terrorist Teacher Kathy Boudin


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